Thursday, March 8, 2012


WARNING!!! Those whose lives are based on emotions and beliefs that override facts and reality may be agitated by the content of this blog. Those, on the other hand, whose lives are based on reason and fact will find this blog to be both amusing and informative.  Because it is aimed at those who dare to think and draw conclusions based on facts, this blog will only agitate those who viscerally react to events and ideas, those who beliefs remain unshaken in the face of contradicting facts.  After all, if you truly believe the earth is flat, no globe or Apollo photo will change your mind.

This blogger chooses to laugh not only at the joy of life, but also at events that reveal the sad reality that is a part of everyday life.  So, for example, at a blogger meeting when we were asked to introduce ourselves, I gave my name and explained that I was shaking, not from nerves or the cold, but from Parkinson's Syndrome.

Sad?  Not really.  I went into my Parkinson's schtick, pointing out that it was now much easier to shake hands or put salt on a steak.  I was trying to get Parkinson's groups to adopt as a theme song the Jerry Lee Lewis classic "Whole Lot of Shaking Going On." Furthermore, I was working toward eliminating the word "jerk" from acceptable usage because it was offensive to people with Parkinson's.  I was even trying to get Steve Martin to change the name of his movie "The Jerk."

Well, you get the idea.  Instead of feeling sad, everybody was laughing.  And why not?  It sure beats crying or being consumed by anger.  This blog will always seek to stir up (agitate) laughter.

If you enjoy observing life through an uncommon lens, this blog is for you.  Enjoy!

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